Kill To Slow The World Around You In Time Recoil On Nintendo Switch


10tons Ltd has announced that they will release Time Recoil on Nintendo Switch, a top-down shooter where your super power is to kill to slow time.

That will cast you as the hero of a rebel organisation with a single goal – kill Mr Time. The mad scientist controls a time-based weapon of mass destruction, and you must stop him in the past or risk losing the future.

Hopping into a wormhole using a Time Machine at the rebel base, players will set out on missions that range from assassinating targets to rescuing scientists.

Subsequent kills will give you more time in the slowdown, in which you can enter slow motion gunfights, punch enemies through walls, and use special moves such as dashing through walls and enemies. The more kills that you perform, the more devasting the move will be.

Time Recoil will see release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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