KILL la KILL IF Combat Guide Covers Break Attacks, Evasive Action And More

KILL La KILL IF Screenshot

PQube, Arc System Works, and Studio TRIGGER have released a Combat Guide for KILL la KILL IF, serving as a quick start overview to the rock-paper-scissor gameplay.

You can perform three basic actions in the game: Normal Attacks, which are fast attacks with few openings; Guard, which blocks damage from all normal attacks; and Break Attack, which is a slow, wide-range heavy attack that can penetrate an opponent’s defenses.

Then there are three secondary actions, such as Evasive Action which will see you step aside or jump to dodge an enemy’s attack or the Anti-Evasion Attack, which lets you aim your attacks where you believe your opponent will move to.

The 3D arena-based fighting game has looked to recreate the feel of the original anime series, that, created by Hiroyuki Imaishi and scenario writer Kazuki Nakashima, has been faithfully reproduced with stunning visuals and cinematics.

The new IF scenario offers a new story, in which you will perform devastating combos to deliver pain to the opponents that stand in your way.

KILL La KILL IF will release for Nintendo Switch in Europe and North America on July 26th.

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