Kickstarter Backers Can Soon Choose Yooka-Laylee On Nintendo Switch


Playtonic Games has announced that Yooka-Laylee has gone gold, news that comes some 21 months since the developer launched their Kickstarter campaign for the 3D platformer.

With PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC owners now awaiting the game’s release on April 11th, those that remain loyal to Wii U have been left wondering what their options are.

“Today we have a very important update on how console backers will soon be able to prepare their final platform choices for Yooka-Laylee, ahead of the game’s April 11 release,” Playtonic wrote in an update for their Kickstarter backers.

“Very soon we will unlock BackerKit surveys and allow you to make final adjustments to your game platform including Nintendo Switch, plus the opportunity to upgrade to a physical version for PS4 and XB1. Wii U backers affected by our recent announcement can also request a refund.

“Thanks for your patience on this: we’ve been working very hard here at Playtonic not just to keep everyone as satisfied as we can, but to deliver the game you expect too.”

The developer adds that when the BackerKit surveys are unlocked, those that backed the Wii U version can choose from these options:

  • Change to a PC digital Steam version (and receive Toybox Plus on PC Steam to compensate for price difference)
  • Change to a digital console version (Xbox One, PS4 or Switch)
  • Upgrade to a physical console version (Xbox One or PS4 – £20 upgrade cost applies)
  • Request a refund

Playtonic warns that those who don’t choose another platform will default to PC digital Steam – be sure to make your choice in time!

There will be no additional upgrade cost for those that choose the Nintendo Switch version, but it remains unclear as to when it will release.

“We continue to work closely with Nintendo on plans for a Nintendo Switch version of Yooka-Laylee and more details will be revealed in the future,” Playtonic close. “We’d like to thank our many Nintendo fans for their continued patience and understanding while we form our plans: we hope to make your platform of choice a great place to experience Yooka-Laylee in the future!”

Yooka-Laylee will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC worldwide on April 11th, with a Nintendo Switch release at a later date.

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