Jonathan Ross: Nintendo 3DS capabilities “far better than I would have thought possible without glasses”

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There’s nothing quite like celebrity endorsement of a product, even if they are a little unsuited at times – both Leona Lewis for Final Fantasy XIII and Jedward with Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of Starry Skies, we’re looking at you…!

Still, it seems that Nintendo are keen to spread the word in regards to the anticipated release of its new Nintendo 3DS console, and television and radio presenter Jonathan Ross is one such celebrity that has been recently praising the handheld. Whilst not necessarily a games industry expert, it’s still interesting to read his thoughts.

Writing on popular social media site Twitter, Ross commented “What I can say about 3DS is that the 3D is far better than I would have thought possible without glasses. Can be switched to regular 2D!”

Whilst he confirmed that he had only been playing on a prototype model, Ross had nothing but praise for the upcoming handheld having played a number of titles including Mario Kart.

He then went on to comment that “The games that seem to benefit the most are the driving and shooting games – the perspective makes it all feel more accurate.”

Having been queried as to the other selection of games he was able to test, Ross only teased “A few other faves coming as well – plus a few unexpected revivals!” Although, it is more than likely that the games that he was referring to have already been announced and was playing coy in case they hadn’t.

Finally, Ross revealed that he actually owned a Virtual Boy back in the day, writing “Remember the Virtual Boy?! I had one of those. Great looking but weird to play.”

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