John Numbers crowned 2015 Nintendo World Champion!


John “John Numbers” Goldberg has been crowned the 2015 Nintendo World Champion, accepting his highly deserved trophy from the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto who took to the stage at the end of tonight’s Nintendo World Championships 2015.

Numbers demonstrated remarkably responsive skills to outwit the menacing stages that Nintendo Treehouse plotted out in Super Mario Maker, edging out competition from runner-up Cosmo to win the coveted prize. Also, each both won a New Nintendo 3DS XL autographed by Miyamoto.

“It’s been 30 years since Super Mario Bros. came out, so that means I’ve been creating video games for 30-something years now,” Miyamoto shared in a brief speech. “I think making games is the most fun thing in the world. And since playing games and making games is so fun, that’s why I wanted to make this game – Super Mario Maker.

“You guys did an amazing job today, thank you so much. Please keep enjoying Nintendo games!”

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