Iwata: Nintendo “don’t care too much” about competitor plans


Nintendo’s global president has reiterated his belief that “software sells hardware,” demonstrated through the company’s commitment to delivery a steady stream of first-party software for Wii U after a misused lead over competitors.

“The number of hardware selling and the number of people who can experience the unique attractions of the Wii U are going to increase, and thereby the knowledge and the understanding about the Wii U system shall naturally expand,” Satoru Iwata explained to CNN.

“We just don’t care too much about what other companies are doing or are trying to do. Our primary focus is to think about and actually carry out something which other company’s hardware can never realise. We are trying to provide consumers gaming experiences that can only be available on Nintendo platforms.”

He continued, “Those people who have already purchased the Wii U and are enjoying Wii U, they have already realised the value of the Wii U, and I understand that they are highly appreciating the entertainment experiences provided by Wii U. But the fact of the matter is Wii U has yet to prove what is so unique [about it], unlike how … with a first glance, people were able to understand how different Wii was.

“First and foremost we designed this to be a system that is incredibly convenient to use in the living room, but the challenge with the Wii U system is you don’t really understand the benefits of it until you have experienced it in your living room.”

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  1. They design in a vacuum, which isn’t always in their best interest. It’s no surprise that their online gaming experience is feels outdated. I think they should at least seek for balance at some point (having a look at what is being done elsewhere), that would probably help them make superior products in the end.

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