Iwata may resign if Nintendo’s financial struggles continue


Whilst Nintendo were able to return to profitability, lower than expected Wii U sales have lead to the company slashing sales forecasts.

In a report from Japanese ITmedia, they explain that during Nintendo’s third quarter results briefing, Iwata “implied that there is a possibility that he may resign if he is unable to achieve 100 billion yen (US$1.09963 billion) in operating income for the next fiscal year.”

Aside from financials, under his leadership Nintendo have become far more active in engaging the company’s fans with the industry than ever before – Nintendo Direct and Iwata Asks, for example.

I’d most certainly be sad to see him reach a point where he feels that he must retire, as, with Microsoft and Sony’s hardware announcements on the horizon, he’s the perfect person to steer Nintendo to success again.

[Thanks to Cheesemeister via NeoGAF]

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