It’s Hero Time! Ben 10 Transforms Into Alien Forms On Nintendo Switch

ben 10 image

It’s Hero Time! Outright Games will release Ben 10 on Nintendo Switch, an action-adventure game based on Cartoon Network’s popular original series.

When some of Ben’s most infamous villains threaten the world, it is down to you to stop them. That will see you discover and unlock all 10 of Ben’s alien transformations to help you take on dangerous enemies such as Zambezi, Queen Bee, and the Weather heads, once again saving the day with explosive combat and mind-bending puzzles.

“We’re very pleased to announce our partnership with Cartoon Network with Adventure Time and Ben 10, which we believe will be the first of many quality titles coming soon from us,” Outright Games CEO Terry Malham enthused earlier this year.

“We’re a family business with a passion for creating fantastic family entertainment, and we know our collaboration with Cartoon Network, combined with our expertise and ability to make great games will mean we can bring fun brands we love to gamers around the world.”

Ben 10 will release for Nintendo Switch in Europe on November 10th, and North America on November 14th.







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