Intelligent Systems working on unannounced Wii U title


As can always be predicted, it has emerged that Nintendo have an unannounced Wii U title up their sleeve – this one from Fire Emblem Awakening developer Intelligent Systems.

Having since made it private, James Anderson’s LinkedIn profile sees the programmer write “I am currently working on an unannounced title for the Wii U, as well as providing tools support for other internal teams.”

His previous experience at the studio encompasses last year’s Paper Mario: Sticker Star, and Wii U compilation Game & Wario. So, what could the mystery game be?

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  1. Fire Emblem/SMT cross over that was briefly mentioned in January?

    • That’s being developed by Atlus, as far as I’m aware!

  2. Breaking News: “Nintendo Studio makes game for Nintendo console”

    I hope it’s a total surprise and not a sequel to one of their existing titles but a new Fire Emblem would definitely help the Wii U

  3. I thought it was a colloboration between Atlus and Intelligent Systems.

  4. Sega bought atlus

  5. I’m guessing that it’s either a new Paper Mario or a new Advance Wars. Personally, I think that the Wii U is the best console to date for strategy games so I’m hoping for Advance Wars.

    It could be SMT x Fire Emblem but I’m hoping not since that’s kind of been announced.


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