Infiltrate Human Society In Speaking Simulator On Nintendo Switch This Month

Speaking Simulator Logo

Affable Games has revealed that Speaking Simulator will release on Nintendo Switch, their game about an android that struggles to infiltrate human society.

After an “adorably malevolent but incredibly inept” AI commands that you visit a human world as a robot that has been built to live among them.

You will start off with first dates and job interviews, but, as you become more integrated with society, you must survive public speaking nightmares such as wedding toasts and eulogies.

With the game’s tricky controls tasking you with simultaneously flailing the robot’s tongue and moving its lips, taking too long between words or misplacing the tongue will see the robot getting nervous – soon resulting in the robot’s face exploding.

There are high scores to chase, new upgrades to unlock, and a Self Expression Mode where you can blow off some steam at a club.

“Words are hard, and a lot of us who are unquestionably human take that for granted,” explains Affable Games co-founder Jed Dawson.

“When we started making Speaking Simulator we realized the concept of pushing words out of mouth-holes is actually incredibly funny and gross, and therefore ripe for a comedy game.”

Speaking Simulator will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 30th January 2020.

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