Infernium Update Introduces Accessibility Options On Nintendo Switch

Infernium Review Header

Undergames has announced that a new accessibility update is available for Infernium, their survival horror game in which you must overcome a brutal penitence in a prison without bars.

This has taken into consideration those that are physically disabled, deaf or colour blind in adding a new menu with four new accessibility options: No Enemies, Slower Enemies, No “Permadeath” and More Tutorials. These can be enabled and disabled whenever you wish.

The developer explains that it is recommended to play with these options disabled on your first playthrough, as the game is supposed to be challenging and you should feel lost in the first hours that you spend with it.

The new update has also introduced minor gameplay balancing, improved performance in both TV and Handheld modes, and improved Catalan, Russian, Chinese and Japanese localisations.

Infernium is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide and will be discounted for two weeks to celebrate the new accessibility update.

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