Image & Form announce SteamWorld Heist


SteamWorld Heist has been announced as the next game from Swedish outfit Image & Form, a follow-up, although not a direct sequel, to SteamWorld Dig.

Heist is a turn-based strategy title that takes place after SteamWorld Dig, where the planet has been shattered by a cataclysmic event forcing the population to flee aboard steam-driven spaceships. Captaining a team of robots that explore and scavenge the remains of a destroyed world, you’ll need to board enemy ships to secure badly needed water as you fend for your own survival.

An extensive interview with Nintendo of Europe shares plenty of details about the direction that the game is taking, so feel free to give that a read!

SteamWorld Heist will release in spring 2015 for Nintendo 3DS and other unannounced platforms, although it was indicated that Wii U is likely to be on the cards.

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