How To Unlock The Gold Oar In Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party Gold Oar Screenshot

Spend enough time playing the River Survival mode in Super Mario Party and you will eventually have the chance to unlock the Gold Oar.

Aside from Birdo being the character that will hand it to you, there doesn’t seem to be a clear method to unlock it. For me, I had collected the five Gems to be crowned the Super Star, returning to Party Plaza where, when speaking to Birdo, she had posed me with yet another question.

“Hey, Mario! Are you floundering when it comes to River Survival?” she asked. “I know just the thing to help you row like a pro. Although first, tell me something – which would you rather have, a gold oar or a gold bar?”

When you select gold oar as your answer, Birdo replies: “Good choice! I happen to have one right here. This oar’ll help you drift down any river! River Survival should be a breeze now. Give it another shot!”

Gold oar retrieved, when you next choose to play River Survival mode you can choose whether to use the regular and sturdy Normal Oar, or the Gold Oar “that can row the swiftest rapids!”

With all four characters wielding a golden oar, it quickens your traversal down the river as well as replacing the pink balloons with golden ones – although the minigames remain the same.

Super Mario Party is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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    1. She just says “Do you think i’m made of money!?! Well come back to me if you want to ask me something else. Then when you talk to her she says the same thing and offers the same choices.

      1. I got the gold oars but it doesn’t show up in my game whenever I try to play River survival mode, do you have to play hard mode for them to show up ? Can someone help plz

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