How To Unlock Characters In Mario Tennis Aces

Blooper Mario Tennis Aces Screenshot

Boot up the Nintendo Switch exclusive for the first time, and you may be left wondering how to unlock characters in Mario Tennis Aces. The good news is that, after a quick glance at the character select screen, you will immediately notice that they are mostly already available for you to play as without any effort required.

But, you will soon spot that there are another three characters that remain locked. These can be unlocked early by participating in the Online Tournaments that will run each month, with Koopa Troopa to be the first reward for those that earn enough points next month (Sunday 1st – Tuesday 31st July 2018).

Blooper will be your next reward for taking part in the next Online Tournament (Wednesday 1st – Friday 31st August 2018), and, beyond that, Nintendo has revealed that Diddy Kong, Birdo and Koopa Paratroopa are coming to the game.

Those that can’t participate in an Online Tournament need not worry, as every character that is made available as a reward will be unlocked for all players on the first day of the following month. The Online Tournament essentially being early access opportunities.

It’s worth adding that these characters are being added as free content, with no clear plan as to whether Mario Tennis Aces will receive any paid downloadable content in the future.

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