How To Get The Team Skull Tank In Pokémon Sun and Moon

team skull tank image

After you become the Alola region’s first-ever champion, there is plenty left to discover in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon‘s postgame content.

One little-known secret is that you can live out your dreams of being a Team Skull Grunt, with the player able to customise their Trainer with a Skull Tank.

This can only be obtained after beating the Elite Four and becoming Champion, which, at that point, will see the item become available as a one-time purchase in Po Town on Ula’ula Island.

If you wander into the abandoned Pokémon Center you will discover Team Skull members awaiting you at the counter, where, after they have performed a lengthy rap at you, you will have the chance to buy the Skull Tank for 10,000 Pokémon Dollars.

You should have more than enough to buy the clothing item by the time that you have completed the game, so, after you accept the price, the female Team Skull Grunt will hand it over before the group leaves the Pokémon Center.

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