How to earn Poké Miles in Pokémon X & Y and what they’re for

We first learned about Poké Miles when Nintendo revealed their existence in relation to the PokeMileage Club, a part of the newly launched Pokémon Global Link. Yet, how do you earn them?

It’s fairly simple, really. As you wander around the Kalos region you will automatically accumulate Poké Miles on your continual journey, the total earned being viewed through the Trainer Info menu.

That’s not the only way to gather them either, with trading Pokémon and StreetPassing other players also seeing you rewarded – the amount provided dependent on the distance between the two regions registered on the Nintendo 3DS itself.

As to what these Poké Miles may be used for? Well, if you wander into the Pokémon Center on Lumiose City’s South Boulevard then you will find a PokéMileage representative who will trade your Poké Miles for prizes, including:
* Berry Juice – 10 Poké Miles
* Ether – 120 Poké Miles
* Full Heal – 30 Poké Miles
* Full Restore – 300 Poké Miles
* Hyper Potion – 60 Poké Miles
* Max Potion – 125 Poké Miles
* Max Repel – 35 Poké Miles
* Max Revive – 400 Poké Miles
* Moomoo Milk – 20 Poké Miles
* PP Up – 1,000 Poké Miles
* Rare Candy – 500 Poké Miles
* Ultra Ball – 60 Poké Miles

You can also get your hands on a Discount Coupon, which will provide you with 50% off all clothing boutiques across the region – allowing you to more easily afford to customise your Pokémon Trainer.

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