How Permadeath Works In Fire Emblem Warriors


Weekly Famitsu magazine has given the run down on how Permadeath will work in Fire Emblem Warriors, as you clash with legions of soldiers and fierce monsters.

RPG Site reports that, as with the mainline games, Permadeath will see fallen characters unable to be revived for upcoming battles.

The difference is that characters will not die in Fire Emblem Warriors, instead, receiving a permanent injury that will prevent them from re-entering the fray – a decision that has been made to make sure that they can still be seen in the unfolding story conversations.

As introduced in recent Fire Emblem games, players can choose between Classic and Casual modes – determining whether you would like to use the permadeath mechanic or not.

The Japanese magazine also reveals that there some maps will have routes that can be exclusively accessed by flying classes, such as Pegasus Knights. That will lend them more mobility, although, as they are weak to archers, players will need to be wary of enemy ambushes.

Fire Emblem Warriors will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS in Japan on September 28th, and in Europe and North America later this year.

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