How Many Power Moons Are In Super Mario Odyssey


Since it was first revealed at the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, we have been left to speculate just how many Power Moons are in Super Mario Odyssey. But, now that the Nintendo Switch exclusive has been released worldwide, we now have our answer.

The Power Moons are the main collectable in the game and are required to power the Odyssey, the extra energy that they provide allowing the airship to sail even further around the world as you chase down Bowser, and, more importantly, presenting the chance to explore exciting kingdoms.

How Many Power Moons Are In Super Mario Odyssey?

There are 880 unique Power Moons hidden tucked away in every corner of the 15 kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey, as well as the Dark Side and Darker Side.

You won’t be able to retrieve them all right from the start of the game, with more scattered across each kingdom once you put an end to Bowser’s wedding plans with Princess Peach – slamming metallic Moon Blocks showering more for you to hunt down.

How Many Powers Moons Are In Each Kingdom In Super Mario Odyssey?

With each kingdom differing in scale, it won’t come as a surprise that the number of Power Moons hidden within them isn’t a fixed number.

For those wondering, there are: 31 Power Moons in the Cap Kingdom; 40 Moons in the Cascade Kingdom; 89 Power Moons in the Sand Kingdom; 42 Power Moons in the Lake Kingdom; 76 Power Moons in the Wooded Kingdom; 9 Power Moons in the Cloud Kingdom; 35 Power Moons in the Lost Kingdom; 81 Power Moons in the Metro Kingdom; 55 Power Moons in the Snow Kingdom; 71 Power Moons in the Seaside Kingdom; 68 Power Moons in the Luncheon Kingdom; 10 Power Moons in the Ruined Kingdom; 62 Power Moons in Bowser’s Kingdom; 38 Power Moons in the Moon Kingdom; 24 Power Moons in Dark Side; one Power Moon in Darker Side; and 104 Power Moons in the Mushroom Kingdom. Phew.

Those with a calculator handy or are mathematically-minded will soon realise that adds up to 836 Power Moons, but that doesn’t take into account that some that you collect are Multi-Power Moons – that each adds three to the total.

It’s worth pointing out that players can also collect more than 880 Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey, with the Crazy Cap shops letting you exchange 100 Coins for a Power Moon or, later, in bulk. You will need to buy one from the Crazy Cap shop in each kingdom, anyway, but it’s better to save any extra Coins for the amazing costumes and outfits.

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