HORI Joy-Con D-Pad Controller For Nintendo Switch Is Westbound

HORI Nintendo Switch D-Pad Controller

HORI has announced that their D-Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch in Europe and North America, coming in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario designs.

With the promise that it will deliver an “ultra-responsive d-pad for 2D games” on the box, the caveat is that it can only be used in Handheld Mode.

This budget-priced Joy-Con replacement ($24.99) does not have SL and SR Buttons, LED lights, a synchronisation button, acceleration sensor, gyro sensor, nor the motors used for HD Rumble.

IGN has playtested the D-Pad Controller, praising the “fluid plus-shaped button” for side-scrolling platformers, fighting and shoot ’em up games. However, they criticised the missing features and the fact that it has no Bluetooth connection to allow for wireless connectivity with the portable home console, and, therefore, is limited for use in Handheld mode.

The D-Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch will release in Europe and North America in September.

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