Heroine Anthem Zero: Episode 1 Out On Nintendo Switch This Week

Heroine Anthem Zero: Episode 1 Key Art

Winking Entertainment and WindThunder Studio have announced that Heroine Anthem Zero: Episode 1 will release on Nintendo Switch this week.

This is a 2D side-scrolling action RPG, that, complete with Japanese voiceovers, has been created with a painterly art style.

After the last Cataclysm, the descendants of the Savior rebuild around Terasyr, the World Tree. Thousands of years later, the Engora dynasty grows into prosperity and, with Fae and humans working together, they manage to resist the evil that advances from Longhorn Woods and the edges of the world.

Fate soon unites Wanin the Forest Keeper and the wandering cat-girl Shama Kutami, who, in a world unforgiven by God, must fight for their survival – not knowing that their actions bear the weight and sins of the thousands of generations to come.

Heroine Anthem Zero: Episode 1 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on May 23rd, priced at £11.69 ($12.99).

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