Help Design Doctor Laser In Flipping Death And Play Early


As with Stick It To The Man!, Flipping Death is packed with weird and quirky characters. Zoink! want your help to design one, rewarding the winner with the chance to receive a copy of the game before release.

That character is Flatwood Peaks villain Doctor Laser, nemesis to the town’s recently deceased superhero. The developer cordially invites you to sketch the Doctor, whether a living person or a ghost, as well as provide a short description of them – whether male or female – to help build a backstory around why they would laser-slice the town’s hero.

The winning entry will see their sketch transformed into an in-game character, as well as receiving signed Doctor Laser artwork, their own tombstone or portrait in-game, a spot as a Zoink Executive Official (ZEO), and, of course, a copy of the game before everyone else.

The deadline is 12am CEST on Thursday 29th June, with entries to be submitted on their blog post or on Twitter – be sure to tag @ZoinkGames!

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