Help A Fallen Star Return Home In Pode On Nintendo Switch

Pode Screenshot

Henchman & Goon has announced that Pode will release on Nintendo Switch, a co-operative puzzler that has been built around the themes of friendship and cooperation.

With a strong emphasis on positive actions, a relaxing atmosphere, and beautiful art that takes inspiration from Norwegian culture, Pode is the story of a little rock helping a fallen star find its way home.

That will see you travel inside a mysterious and magical mountain as Bulder and Glo, who breathe life into an ancient sleeping world and explore the ruins of a long lost civilization with their unique talents and abilities.

It will only be by helping each other that these unlikely adventure companions solve the ancient puzzles that will open the secret passageways to climb Mount Fjellheim.

Pode will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Spring 2018.

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