Harvest Moon and Rune Factory 3 gain Limited Edition Artwork offer

Harvest Moon

Rising Star Games have today announced that they have commissioned the creation of 30 pieces of bespoke character artwork that will be included within forthcoming releases, Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar and Rune Factory 3.

The publisher will distribute the first set of five images with current pre-orders for the titles, with further sets available in the near future.

Such artwork has been created by Harvest Moon artist Igusa Matsuyama, and will feature 20 character portraits and a further 10 premium pieces of artwork. These art cards will be grouped into sets of five cards, three portraits and two premium pieces, to be distributed as sets of five with orders from the series.

“The artwork within the Harvest Moon universe is extremely impressive and has a distinct style all of its own,” comments Martin Defries, managing director of Rising Star Games. “We were incredibly pleased when Igusa Matsuyama agreed to create a bespoke collection of character artwork exclusively for the PAL market. Fans will be able to collect and share the cards, we’ve grouped the collection into sets of five and we’ll be distributing addition sets later in the year.”

Both Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar and Rune Factory 3 are due to be released across PAL markets in Q4 2011.

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