Hacking Group Take Pokémon GO Servers Down


As Pokémon GO arrives in another 26 countries, the augmented reality app has been inaccessible worldwide for the past few hours.

That is thanks in part to hacking group PoodleCorp, who have claimed responsibility for taking the app’s servers down. In the past month, the group has targeted League of Legends and Battle.net with DDOS attacks.

Those trying to log in to Niantic’s next take on real world gaming are met with errors that say that the app is unable to authenticate their details, or that their player data cannot be retrieved from the server.

Niantic has said that they are aware of the server issues and are working to restore everything back to normal, but it remains unclear as to when Pokémon GO will be back online.

“Trainers! We have been working to fix the Pokémon GO server issues,” Niantic wrote. “Thank you for your patience. We’ll post an update soon.”

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  1. Hackers are immature fools. Why on earth would you ruin a beautiful day with my son and I that we had planned to go out and play? Why????
    So you can brag to your other nerd ass friends? Complete morons.

  2. poodle corp had nothing to do with it, the only “hacking” they’ve don’t is ringing phone companies pretending to be their targets to get around 2 step authentification

  3. I don’t care what they are trying to do why hack into the system and risking breaking the game which they did and ruining the fun for every one els its not fair in my opinion they should be removed from the game and banned from playing as a punishment

  4. What the actual f*** people… cant people just leave it alone…. this isnt the government and this isnt anything they are going to be able to get anything from…. dude…. this…. this is why i hate people.

  5. how many of u on here have ever thought maybe I shudnt gob off about hackers maybe ur next maybe they decide to take down ur personal I.P address and see how mouthy ppl are then hay

  6. If you think about it though it was a great hack… Im mad about it but think about it. The GPS is connected who ever plays the game they know all the locations. 2 most of us have our Google accounts connected thou some of us used boges ones. 3 the pokemon go game is around the world. So as mad as I may be kudos to Poodle Corp. I am just saying. And a lot of people will not like this comment. Agian this is only my thought on the issue.

  7. Any one over 15 who plays this so called game needs help.grown men play a game searching for virtual stuffed animals about as gay as it gets.if u are male over 15 playing this game I feel for your father cause I’m sure he’s proud.Be a man playing this game makes u a child no meter how old u r.

    1. “Oh here’s a bunch of people doing what I wouldn’t do. Better talk some s*** while I claim to be more mature I am than they are.”

    2. Wow, yeah, so what about all those grown ass men who play fantasy football? Or hang out in bars for 5 hours watching a sports game? Or talking about stats to their favorite NBA star?!? What’s so different?

      Or the people who talk about Gameo f Thrones all day and buy T shirts and play the board games?

      People who criticize others for what they like and place a stamp on something as childish or not for adults are the immature ones who haven’t grown up.

    3. Then why are you posting here? Also you call us kids but you can’t even spell matter right. Not meter genius. Lol

  8. Hackers just a foolish person in the world
    They have a bad past hacker u should know
    Many peoples hate you and what you are going right now dont make a mess with people who loves this game so much you ruin the game you ruin our lifes stupid morrons

  9. I made a new account but it still shows ‘unable to authenticate. Please try again later’ what should I do plz help

  10. Pretty sure they didn’t actually hack anything. If they did, they suck at it because it’s just the same thing that has been happening on occasion when the servers get overloaded..

  11. The game launched in 26 countries…26! All in one day. This group had nothing to do with it; they’re just taking credit for the servers failing to handle all the new users.

  12. It’s probably just Nintendo or Niantic having someone post it to take the focus of their incompetence in releasing this game without enough servers to handle the full load of player. I’m glad they have plans for more features but are those going to be the start of more of the same problems plus new ones. The hackers whether they existed or not don’t explain the problems all along.

  13. A better hacker group should get their personal information and home addresses and post it on the Pokemon go page

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