Hackers uncover unused Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze achievements


The Cutting Room Floor have uncovered a strings file in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze suggesting the existence of an unimplemented achievement system.

That strings file, labelled “Miiverse,” has unearthed the list of them in entirety. With the Wii U not supporting a system wide achievement system, developers are instead left to interwork them within the games themselves.

One achievement, “Autopost: You turned on autoposting! Share your successes with the world!”, suggests that they would have worked similarly to those seen in Batman: Arkham Origins, Hyrule Warriors and Wii Fit U, shared automatically through your Activity Feed on Miiverse.

It’s a shame that, for whatever reason, Nintendo and Retro Studios didn’t reach a point that they were activated by the time that the game shipped to retailers. Especially as there’s some particularly cracking ingenuity behind many of their descriptions. “50 triple-bop combos:
You’ve done 50 triple-bop combos! Ya! Woohoo!! Yahoo!!!” is a particular favourite.

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