Gulp Spinach In Popeye On Nintendo Switch This Week

Popeye Logo

Sabec has revealed that the official Popeye game is coming to Nintendo Switch this week.

You will have the chance to play as the spinach-munching sailor in what the developer has looked to deliver a “modernised adaptation of the classic arcade game.”

In the somewhat sparse and simplistic-looking game, your objective is to achieve the highest score by completing as many levels as you can.

You will score points by collecting the hearts and letters that Olive will throw down for you to retrieve, while you will need to keep an eye out to evade Popeye’s rival Brutus, the witch and swirling vultures.

Eating spinach will grant you Popeye’s signature special powers that will let you punch your enemies into the sea and collect items much more quickly – with Sabec warning that while anyone will find it easy enough to play the game, “winning a high score won’t come easy.”

Popeye will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 4th November 2021.

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