Google share 2013’s top gadget and games search terms


Google have shared the search terms that technology and gaming enthusiasts have been frantically typing throughout the year.

You won’t be surprised to see the PlayStation 4 and scores of Apple products lining the gadget list, but the Xbox One is a more notable absentee alongside Nintendo’s own Wii U.

Games equally throw up few unexpected titles, aside from Cookie Clicker, with Grand Theft Auto V leading the way whilst BioShock Infinite, Battlefield 4, SimCity and Skylanders SWAP Force all making appearances.

The full lists are as follows:

Tech Gadgets
1. PlayStation 4
2. Samsung Galaxy S4
3. iPhone 5s
4. iPhone 5c
5. iPad Air
6. iPad Mini
7. HTC One
8. Chromecast
9. Nexus 5
10. iPhone 6

Video Games
1. Grand Theft Auto V
2. Cookie Clicker
3. Atari Breakout
4. Candy Crush
5. BioShock Infinite
6. Cube World
7. Battlefield 4
8. Neverwinter
9. SimCity
10. Skylanders SWAP Force

[Thanks NeoGAF]

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