Golden Sun Games Hit Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

Golden Sun Screenshot

Nintendo has announced that Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age are now available to those subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service.

Once you have downloaded the latest software update for the Game Boy Advance – Nintendo Switch Online (version 1.5.0) app, those who subscribe will be able to access the new additions.

Golden Sun (Game Boy Advance): Alchemy served in the building of Weyard’s great civilizations… When war began to consume the land, the power of Alchemy was sealed into four Elemental Stars. Forces of darkness are now pursuing the lost art of Alchemy, and as they draw ever closer to their foul purpose, mankind hangs in the balance.

You and your companions are the last hope. Use noble weapons, magical Psynergy, and elemental creatures known as Djinn to gain the upper hand in dangerous battles. Combine Djinn to create powerful spells and attacks to launch against your deadly foes. Can you prevent the oncoming darkness?

Golden Sun: The Lost Age (Game Boy Advance): It is the dawn of a new age… The heroes of Golden Sun have been abandoned, and the land is falling into darkness. Now the world’s final hope may also be its doom. Manipulate the environment with psychic energy and fell whatever beast stands in your way to safeguard humanity before the heroes of the original Golden Sun can stop you.

Saturos and Menardi have activated two elemental lighthouses, and only two remain before the power of Alchemy will be unleashed on the land of Weyard. Will that power usher in a new golden age of civilization or bring about the ruin of mankind? Guide Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Piers across an enormous world and through labyrinthine dungeons as they use their abilities to unravel the mysteries of Weyard’s past.

The pricing plans for Nintendo Switch Online are £3.49 ($3.99) per month, £6.99 ($7.99) for three months or £17.99 ($19.99) for 12 months. There is a 12-month Family Membership for £31.49 ($34.99) that allows a Nintendo Account holder to “invite up to seven others to join a family group” that will all have access to Nintendo Switch Online.

Whereas an individual membership to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack is priced at £34.99 ($49.99) for 12 months, with a Family Membership priced at £59.99 ($79.99).

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