Ghostlight looking to release Devil Survivor 2 in Europe


Ghostlight are looking for the support of Devil Survivor fans to bring the game’s sequel to Europe.

Sharing their plans, the publisher needs to meet a minimum quantity of pre-orders before they are able to commit to manufacturing copies for such demand. And, if you do choose to place a pre-order, your name will be listed within the game’s manual as a way of saying thanks!

“All you Devil Survivor fans out there will be pleased to hear that we have managed to finalise discussions with our partners regarding Devil Survivor 2 on DS and have decided to go ahead with the following plan,” Ghostlight’s community manager Ross Brierley began to explain in an extensive post on the company’s blog.

“Devil Survivor 2 will be released exclusively for pre-order through the Ghostlight Webstore with a (TBC) minimum quantity. Should we achieve this minimum quantity of pre-orders within one month, we will manufacture and release the game. However, if we don’t reach the minimum then everyone who pre-ordered the game will be refunded and the game will unfortunately not be released.

“We realise that we’re asking for a huge amount of trust and support from our fans on this one, but we know that you are a very special lot and you all seem to fully appreciate what we’re trying to achieve in bringing over JRPGs like DS2. We simply couldn’t do what we’re doing without you and with your continued support for the Ghostlight cause we’re hoping we can give DS2 its best shot at getting a European release.

“As a little incentive, if you do pre-order the game, as a special thank you we’ll add your name to the manual.

“If you have any feedback or questions on this, we’d be very interested to know your thoughts so please let us know in the comments below. Is this something you would be interested in supporting if the pricing was right?

“I know some of you have said you’d rather wait for a potential release of the new 3DS remake, which is fair enough, but for anyone who’s sitting on the fence I must say that I’ve really enjoyed Devil Survivor 2 and think that it would be the perfect game for any of you looking for your SRPG fix after finishing Fire Emblem and Devil Survivor Overclocked.

“Keep an eye on the blog next week because we’ll be giving more details about how you can help us release Devil Survivor 2 and get your hands on this fantastic DS game at the same time.”

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