Ghostbusters Level Pack Proves LEGO Dimensions Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost


Even after Egon warned us not to cross the streams, LEGO Dimensions has done so. That sees five new expansion packs arrive, with the Ghostbusters Level Pack being the headline act.

That unlocks A Spook Central Adventure!, a mission-based Ghostbusters level where players will fight Gozer as they try to save New York City. The pack comes with a buildable Peter Venkman LEGO minifigure complete with miniature Proton Pack, the Ecto-1 and a Ghost Trap – with the misfit parapsychologist able to use his Laser Deflector, Suspend Ghosts, and Hazard Protection abilities.

Mischief beckons with the DC Comics Fun Pack, which barely contains the demented musings of The Joker and Harley Quinn. The Joker can call on his powerful Grappler, Target, Hazard and Electricity abilities, while Harley Quinn can put her Acrobat and Super Strength abilities to use. The Fun Pack also has The Joker’s Chopper and Harley’s Quinn-mobile, expanding your vehicle selection.

Next up is the Doctor Who Cyberman Fun Pack, which has a buildable Cyberman minifigure and Dalek. The Cyberman can activate its hi-tech Mind Control, Hacking, Drone, X-Ray Vision, Silver LEGO Blowup, Technology, and Dive abilities, whereas the Dalek can be rebuilt into a Fire ‘n Ride Dalek and Silver Shooter Dalek.

The Back to the Future Doc Brown Fun Pack adds everyone’s favourite absent-minded scientist, who can use Hacking, Technology, Fix it and Drone abilities. To overcome other problems, the Fun Pack also contains Doc Brown’s Traveling Time Train – which can be rebuilt into the Flying Time Machine or Missile Blast Time Train.

Closing out Wave 3 is the LEGO Ninjago Sensei Wu Fun Pack, containing a buildable Sensei Wu minifigure and his golden staff, plus a Flying White Dragon – which can be rebuilt into a Golden Fire Dragon or Ultra Destruction Dragon.

LEGO Dimensions is now available worldwide for Wii U.

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