Genius Sonority announce Denpa Ningen

Denpa Ningen

Genius Sonority, a Japanese development studio that have previously worked on the Dragon Quest and Pokémon series, have announced that they are to release Denpa Ningen for Nintendo 3DS.

Denpa Ningen translates to “electric wave person”, and the Nintendo eShop title will explore beings that exist alongside electric currents that float around us everyday.

Your goal will be to capture the Denpa Ningen and form a team to rescue an important person from the demon king.

In a similar vein to Pikmin, there are many coloured types of Denpa Ningen each with their own elemental properties and unique abilities. Body size is relative to HP, attack strength and speed too.

Denpa Ningen will release on the Nintendo eShop on February 8th across Japan, with a demo releasing tomorrow. No word on a western release yet though.

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