GameStop: Watch_Dogs Wii U pre-order cancellations a “glitch”


The Internet ran amok last week when it emerged that GameStop stores across North America and Italy were notifying customers that their Watch_Dogs pre-orders on Wii U were being cancelled.

Whilst doomsayers poured scorn on Nintendo’s console losing valuable support from Ubisoft, the media called around stores who all clarified that the eagerly awaited open world hack-a-thon was still available to pre-order.

Cue continual hysteria and confusion with GameStop at last confirming that the delisting was due to a glitch in the retailer’s stock system.

So, Watch_Dogs is still available for pre-order on Wii U, although Ubisoft are yet to set a release date after it was pushed back to spring 2014.

[Thanks Kotaku]

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