GAME reveal Nintendo 3DS XL trade-in offer

Nintendo 3DS XL1

With the Nintendo 3DS XL set to launch across Europe later this week, GAME have detailed their trade-in offer for existing Nintendo 3DS owners.

Those that trade-in their original Nintendo 3DS console will be able to purchase the enlarged model for £79.99.

Such price also includes an AC Adaptor, as these aren’t to be included as part of the sole Nintendo 3DS XL purchase.

GAME also state that they will help facilitate transferring data from your old system to your shiny, new Nintendo 3DS XL, so those who have been hesitant in that regard no longer have a reason to do so!

The offer will run until August 9th, and GAME will only accept consoles that are in their “original packaging, in good working order and of satisfactory quality.” Imported systems are also exempt.

More details can be found through this link.

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