Game Boy-Inspired Puzzler Warlock’s Tower Out On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Warlock's Tower Key Art

Ratalaika Games and Midipixel have announced that Warlock’s Tower will release on Nintendo Switch next week.

Playing as mailman Tim, you must brave the tower and its rooms crammed with maddening puzzles in an effort to reach the top to deliver a peace offering to the Warlock.

There are more than 100 increasingly complex rooms to overcome, each created around one simple rule – one move equals one life point lost.

You must outwit zombies, flying eyes, and slimes, but every step that you take will cost a life point. With monsters and traps in all directions, that means that you must take care to succeed.

Warlock’s Tower will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on May 31st, priced at £4.99 ($4.99).

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