Gal*Gun Returns Birthday Suit Collector’s Edition Bares All

Gal*Gun Returns Birthday Suit Collector's Edition Photo

PQube and Inti Creates have revealed the Gal*Gun Returns Birthday Suit Collector’s Edition for the upcoming Nintendo Switch release.

Created in partnership with Rice Digital, this limited edition collector’s box will be made available exclusively through Funstock (£89.99) and will include:

  • 100-page art book – The Sexy Chronicles of GalGun
  • Official soundtrack set of 3 CDs containing all the background music and vocal tracks
  • 6 metal pin badges, one to represent each of the main girls
  • A GalGun 10th-anniversary collector’s coin
  • 6 art cards, one for each of the heroines
  • Special cover art insert – with an exclusive sexy image designed especially by Gal*Gun series creator/illustrator Itou-san
  • A pair of Safety Goggles!

With the series to turn a decade-old next year, the original game which has never been released outside of Japan before has been treated to a remaster.

After a young man becomes “super popular” with the opposite sex, he now lives the “unfortunate” life of having every lady that looks his way confess their undying love for him.

In an experience that combines arcade-style shooting action with a dating sim, he must fend off these would-be lovers with his Pheromone Shot as he works to win the affection of one of the game’s main protagonists.

The game comes to the portable home console with new animations to introduce each heroine and others, as well as small improvements “such as hairstyles and other fine details.”

Gal*Gun Returns will release at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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