Gaist Crusher smashes Nintendo 3DS


Capcom have announced plans to release a brand new Nintendo 3DS exclusive IP this year, Gaist Crusher.

Set to be a cross-media project, it’s described as a “custom armour action” game that centres upon unique armour sets, transformations and collecting.

Aside from games, it will encompass manga, anime, music and toys, such content being geared toward school kids. Shueisha’s V Jump and Saikyou Jump magazines will run the manga series, whereas Pierrot will produce the anime.

Capcom hope the project will draw upon their expertise in producing content for children, and with crafting multiplayer experiences – the former achieved through their Mega Man titles, and multiplayer from the Monster Hunter series.

Gaist Crusher will release later this year in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

[Thanks Siliconera]
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