Fromto Races Around Children’s Drawings On Nintendo Switch

Fromto Screenshot

Headup Games and Studio Erikson have announced that Fromto will release on Nintendo Switch, playfully described as “a horrible, childish 2D sandbox racing game with in-game track building.”

It sees up to four players (online or offline) race around an unfinished track in turn, and, once everyone fails, you must work together to modify the track before you try again. That can see you build sneaky routes with the chance to trick your opponents with traps and obstacles.

Primarily created as a multiplayer game, Fromto also has single-player speedrun challenges to compete in to set the best time – all created with an art style based on “clumsy” children’s drawings.

“It all started with a child’s drawing by developer Erikson himself when he was about 10 years old. In the drawing, you follow a small doodle race car along an obstacle course so crazy only a child could imagine. And thus, was the idea for Fromto born,” the publisher explains.

“Now, years later, Erikson has worked on Fromto for the past two years. To preserve the essence of the initial idea he invited two very special people to join his project; his own children Niki (5) and Joep (2). Erikson’s ‘clumsy’ drawing style fits in perfectly. The whole game has been drawn by hand multiple times to make it feel alive.”

Fromto will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q2 2019.

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