Freedom Planet 2 Out On Nintendo Switch Next Month

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XSEED Games and GalaxyTrail have confirmed a release date for the high-speed platforming adventure Freedom Planet 2 on Nintendo Switch.

After Merga, a water dragon from Avalice’s oldest and deadliest war, is freed from her crystal prison as a consequence of the Kingdom Stone’s destruction, war is imminent once more.

In the years since the original game, its three heroines have refined their signature abilities and are more formidable than ever before. That could see you take advantage of Lilac’s speed with her Dragon Boost, reach new heights with Carol’s Jump Disc or motorcycle, take a more measured approach with Milla’s shield or unleash new character Neera’s powerful Frost Arts.

The developer has outlined the game’s key features, which include:

  • Four playable characters available from the start, each with her own unique fighting style: Lilac the Dragon (Speed Type), Carol the Wildcat (Brawler Type), Milla the Hound (Explorer Type), and Neera the Frost Knight (Power Type).
  • Explore the world of Avalice in Adventure mode. Travel through a sprawling world map filled with treasures, landmarks, and over 100 unique animal NPCs to interact with and catalog.
  • Dive straight into the action with Classic Mode. Accessible after completing Adventure mode once, this streamlined navigation screen gives you quick access to stages and other important features without the need for travelling.
  • Test your fighting skills in the Battlesphere arena. Once reached, the Battlesphere hosts a variety of challenges featuring enemies and bosses you’ve previously encountered, along with brand new surprises!
  • Parry enemy attacks with the new Guard button. If timing’s not your thing, an Auto Guard option in the Assist settings makes your character automatically guard against attacks if possible.
  • A new Revival system gives you a chance to clinch victory during very close battles. Use it wisely – it costs a stock and two more hits will knock you out again!
  • Power up your heroine with customizable potions. Collect and mix a rainbow of ingredients that boost her vitality in different ways, such as increasing her stock count, shield durability, attack power, speed, and more.
  • Change the rules with a multitude of equippable items. Amulets and Charms provide helpful effects, while Brave Stones make combat harder in exchange for bonus crystals.

Freedom Planet 2 will be released digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 4 April 2024.

Freedom Planet 2 Trailer

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