Free WarioWare Gold Demo Now Available

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Nintendo of Europe has announced that a free WarioWare Gold demo is now available to download on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.

The biggest WarioWare game ever, it will challenge players to press buttons, tilt the system, use the Touch Screen and blow into the microphone to complete 300 wacky microgames.

After Wario spends a long day of treasure hunting in Luxeville, he heads home to play video games and eat food, only to discover he’s all out of money. Watching a news report about a best-selling video game, Wario decides to cash in on the opportunity and persuades some old pals to create games for him so he can host the lucrative Wario Bowl games at the Diamond City Stadium.

In this new fully-voiced story, players must battle through the different leagues of the Wario Bowl games by completing a series of quickfire microgames before going to battle with the final boss. Each set of microgames gifts players with just four chances, but if they run out they can keep going if they’re prepared to cough up some in-game coins.

The coins that you win in Story mode can be spent on the Capsule Machine in the Arcade to unlock additional modes, fun gadgets and souvenirs in the Toy Room, such as:

  • Minigames: Aim to top the high score charts in over 10 unique minigames, including Micro Golf Tour, Autograph! and Mewtroid. There’s even a play on the classic Game & Watch game, Manhole.
  • Studio: Players can show off their voice acting skills by recording their own voiceovers for any of the unlocked movies.
  • Records: Get down and boogie to a selection of songs from previous WarioWare games – some of them even in Japanese!

The microgames that you unlock in Story mode can be replayed as a high-score challenge in Index mode while completing the Story mode has the added bonus in unlocking Challenge mode. This has nine game modes that twist the core gameplay mechanics to challenge your skills whether playing alone or with friends. These will include:

  • Battle Time: Up to 2 friends can compete against each other and test their WarioWare skills by connecting over a local wireless connection and taking on the same microgames simultaneously. Each player gets 4 tries and the last player standing is the winner. For players who are new to the WarioWare series or can’t handle the heat, there’s the option to adjust the number of tries for each player between 1 and 4.
  • All Mixed Up: All of the microgames are played at random, so players better have their wits about them if they want to crush their high score.
  • WarioWatch: Time is ticking down! Players only have a limited amount of time to complete as many microgames as possible. Bonus seconds are rewarded for every microgame completed so aim to complete as many as possible.
  • Super Hard: This is the ultimate challenge for WarioWare experts. All microgames start at a high speed and continue to increase in speed as the game goes on.
  • Sneaky Gamer: Take on the role of 9-Volt as he sneakily plays games in bed. Keep an eye on the top screen where 9-Volt’s mother, 5-Volt, is keeping a watchful eye – if she catches him playing, it’s an instant game over.

WarioWare Gold will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in Europe on July 27th, Australia and New Zealand on July 28th, Japan on August 2nd and North America on August 3rd.

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