Free Trials Of Mana Demo Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Trials Of Mana Key Art

Square Enix has announced that a free Trials of Mana demo is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch.

This lets you try each of the six unique characters by experiencing the start of each of their stories, seeing how their adventures are woven together to defeat villainous enemies.

You will also have the chance to carry the progress that you make in the demo across to the full game on release.

For those that are unsure which character to choose first, you can take a personality quiz to see which suits you best – with Square Enix Members who complete the quiz rewarded with special character avatar portraits.

Trials of Mana is a full high-definition remake of the third game in the Mana series, which, until now, had been a Japan-only release where it is known as Seiken Densetsu 3.

It tells the story of six heroes who battle to defeat monsters of destruction that are trying to take over the world while the power of mana has been weakened.

You will have the chance to customize your three-strong party – selecting from the six unique characters – to experience different stories.

The remake also comes packed with a revamped action-RPG battle, levelling and skill systems, and modern 3D graphics.

Those who pre-purchase or buy either the physical or digital versions of the game before 21st May 2020 will receive the Rabite Adornment downloadable content, allowing players to gain more EXP after battles up to level 10.

Trials of Mana will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 24th April 2020.

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