Free Gal Metal Bonus Tracks Vol. 1 DLC Adds Five Tracks

Gal Metal Bonus Tracks Vol. 1 Screenshot

XSEED Games and DMM Games have announced that Gal Metal has received free downloadable content, in Bonus Tracks Vol. 1.

This encore performance has added five free tracks – Inokashira Rothbart, Kichijoji Resistance, Roma Romance, Show und Monotone, and Symphonic 5 – which are available to download on the Nintendo eShop as separate downloads.

It’s worth keeping your drum sticks at the ready, as there will be an additional set of five free downloadable content songs that will release at a later date.

In the free-form rhythm game, you are challenged to rock out to the beat to save the world from an invasion after aliens hear Earth’s music and start dying out from headbanging too much.

Gal Metal is now available at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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