Free Data Packs speed up Xenoblade Chronicles X loading times

xenoblade chronicles x screenshot 17

Nintendo has outlined the downloadable data packs that have been released to coincide with Xenoblade Chronicles X‘s launch.

These promise to speed up loading times for those that choose to purchase the Wii U exclusive’s disc version, seeing players install parts of the game data to the console’s internal system memory or an an external hard drive.

The Basic Data Pack is stated as having “the most significant effect on load times,” with the Enemy Data Pack, Player Data Pack and Skell Data Pack improving on such speed incrementally.

For those that buy the game’s downloadable version, each data pack will be included as standard so you needn’t download any from the Nintendo eShop.

Basic Data Pack (2GB)

  • Contains data on the most frequent elements of terrain
  • Speeds up loading throughout New Los Angeles and Mira

Enemy Data Pack (2.7GB)

  • Contains enemy data
  • Speeds up load time in the field

Player Data Pack (3.6GB)

  • Contains data relating to players, such as equipment
  • Speeds up load times when changing equipment

Skell Data Pack (1.7GB)

  • Contains Skell data
  • Speeds up deployment of Skells
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