Free Canvaleon DLC breaks cover in November


OXiAB Game Studio has been listening to what everyone has been saying about Canvaleon since launch, revealing that they are hard at work on free downloadable content to release in November.

That promises to add a new dimension to their platform and stealth game, delivering a new SP Missions game mode, new difficulty levels in Radar, Original and Extreme modes, a statistics screen and tweaks to visuals and gameplay.

OXiAB has extensively listed everything that they are working on, which we’ve included in entirety below:

This is list of the new characteristics and improvements of this Canvaleon’s DLC:


You will be able to access this new game mode from the main menu. It consists on mini-levels for the player to learn all the dynamics of the game.

In addition, the “SP MISSIONS” will also include 10 totally new levels. These new levels will be a challenge for all the players.

Furthermore, the “SP MISSIONS” will have its own song, composed buy the author of the Canvaleon’s original soundtrack.


When starting a new game, the player can choose from three different difficulty levels:

Radar Mode: In this mode, the player will have a “chameleon sense” that detect where the different enemies are located. With the “chameleon sense” the player will be able see everything that can cause damage to Canvas. This mode is perfect for all those players who think that the “original mode” is too difficult for them.

Original Mode: The original Canvaleon’s experience.

Extreme Mode: Players who think that the “Original mode” is not very hard, now have a new challenge. In this game mode, if the enemies detect you, you will be defeated and you will have to start the level from its beggining.


With the DLC, Canvaleon will have a new statistics screen. You will be able to see easily the levels completed, ranges and times. You can see if you have achieved the villagers and the collectible CD’s as well.


During the game, Doodle will have more importance because he will communicate more often with Canvas in different situations and will contribute to improve the Canvaleon’s gameplay.

Now you will know easily if a camouflage will be more effective in a level as you will be able to see if your camouflage is efficient while you are painting, in real time. To do so, you will be able to switch between the different backgrounds of the different levels and worlds of Canvaleon. ¡Stop the trial & error era!

The game becomes fairer in the calculation of the % of camouflage with the backgrounds.
The need to save the game will be reminded through the game. You won’t forget to save the game again!

We have improved the camera, so the phrase “I can’t see the enemy!” will no longer be an excuse to advance in Canvaleon.

In addition, the DLC will include some visual enhancements that will detect in a better way some particular elements and enemies at certain stages.

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