Frantic Pixel Art Brawler Super Rocket Shootout Hits Nintendo Switch This Week

Super Rocket Shootout Screenshot

Oddly Shaped Pixels has announced that Super Rocket Shootout will release on Nintendo Switch this week, a frantic pixel art brawler that mixes lightning-fast platforming with fighting game mechanics.

With an engaging story mode and a local multiplayer mode that lets up to four players get in on the action, the experience comes packed with jetpacks, guns, and explosions.

To beat your enemies you must learn to use your jetpack to slip right behind your enemies, judge the right distance to unload your shotgun, and rely on homing missiles, boomerangs, teleport-bombs and more to catch them off-guard.

And then the deep fighting system will see you use your shield wisely to throw perfect blocks, build combos to fill your Super meter, to then throw devastating Super Moves, Super Attacks and Counters.

Super Rocket Shootout will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on April 5th, priced at €9.99 ($9.99).

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