Frantic Arena Fighter Domiverse Coming To Nintendo Switch On October 17th

Domiverse Logo

Haunted Tie has revealed that their frantic arena fighting game Domiverse will release on Nintendo Switch next month.

With 16 crazy heroes such as Shluuuuups the sausage prince, Uzal the karateka starfish, or Snakity the half-cat half-snake hybrid that each has their own unique special abilities, up to four players will face off against each other in local multiplayer.

There are three competitive multiplayer modes as well as Arcade and Challenge modes for solo players, and, with comics to unlock, making a single mistake in matches can be fatal.

With no room for mercy, your friends are obstacles that you must eliminate in order to claim the power crown and become the ultimate champion.

Domiverse will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 17th.

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