Fossil Fighters Frontier roars into action across Europe this May


Having already been excavated across the pond, Nintendo of Europe have confirmed that Fossil Fighters Frontier will shortly see release in Europe next month.

Excavation tools in hand, you will play as a young Fossil Warden responsible for protecting Fossil Parks across the world from the villainous Dr. Baron von Blackraven – who plans to rule the world by using Vivosaurs.

You must beat him to it, travelling around in your Bone Buggy as you uncover, excavate and then use fossils to revive Vivosaurs – each falling within five elemental categories – to take on your enemies in turn-based battles. You’ll use the touch screen of your Nintendo 3DS to carefully clean the fossils to revive stronger Vivosaurs, with certain dig sites presenting special challenges that will let you unlock rarer specimens.

Away from the story-based battles in the campaign, players can participate in the Fossil Stadium’s daily tournaments, StreetPass battles or working co-operatively with up to three friends over local multiplayer. Such local connectivity will also let you take on six player battles, or join three friends in team tournaments – online multiplayer letting you fight in one-on-one battles to top monthly online leaderboards.

Fossil Fighters Frontier will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in Europe on May 29th, and is now available in North America.

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