Fortnite Update 9.30 Introduces The Chug Splash And Vaults Boom Bow, Dual Pistols And Dynamite

Fortnite Chug Splash Image

Epic Games has released a new software update for Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, changes made to the free-to-play battle royale game seeing it now on version 9.30.

The headline addition is the new Chug Splash, which the developer explains is a tasty new beverage that you can use to “refresh yourself and allies.”

On impact, the thrown item splashes liquid in a small area with all players (even enemies!) within the radius granted 20 Health and 20 Shield. If a player is at full health, they will get 40 Shield.

It can also extend how long a player can be knocked down in the game’s team-based modes, so that they can be rescued in time.

The extensive update has broken down other bug fixes, adjustments, and performance improvements, and Epic Games has also decided to vault the Boom Bow, Dual Pistols, and Dynamite.

Fortnite is now free to download on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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