Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations: Dance In Front Of Different Birthday Cakes Challenge

Fortnite Birthday Cake Back Bling Screenshot

The Fortnite Birthday Challenges are now live, and, while the playing matches and dealing damage to opponents challenges are easy enough to achieve, you may be wondering where you can dance in front of different Birthday Cakes.

There are 10 Birthday Cakes that you will need to find that, after completing the other two challenges, will reward you with the rare Birthday Cake back bling.

These are fairly easy to spot if you are in the right location, so we have listed out some pointers below to help you find them.

Dance In Front Of Different Birthday Cakes Challenge

Fatal Fields: The Birthday Cake can be found next to the, slightly pointless, windmill in the middle of Fatal Fields.

Flush Factory: This Birthday Cake can be found in the car park at the north entrance to Flush Factory.

Greasy Grove: The Birthday Cake can be found near the basketball court in Greasy Grove, to the north. It’s just above the letter ‘Y’ in Greasy Grove on the map.

Lazy Links: This Birthday Cake is to the south of Lazy Links. It’s along the curved dirt road, and, as a more useful pointer, is directly below the ‘NK’ in Lazy Links.

Lonely Lodge: The Birthday Cake can be found west of Lonely Lodge, in a small caravan park. It’s slightly above the letters ‘LO’ in Lonely Lodge on the map.

Loot Lake: This Birthday Cake is found to the south of Loot Lake, near the waterfall that runs into a river past Tilted Towers.

Paradise Palms: The Birthday Cake is located to the north of Paradise Palms, just outside the city where the main road bends.

Pleasant Park: The Birthday Cake can be found to the east just outside of Pleasant Park – above the ‘AR’ in its name on the map.

Retail Row: The Birthday Cake is in Retail Row near the basketball court. It’s in the ‘O’ in Retail Row on the map, if you need a little more guidance.

Risky Reels: This Birthday Cake is south from Risky Reels on a hill just before you enter Wailing Woods, which it is northwest from.

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