Fortnite Batman Caped Crusader Pack Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Fortnite Batman Caped Crusader Pack Screenshot

Update: Epic Games has revealed that the Batman Crossover event has now started in Fortnite, which will run until October 6th.

As part of the celebrations to mark the Dark Knight’s 80th anniversary that includes the Batman Caped Crusader Pack, which, priced at £15.99 in the in-game Store, includes the Batman Comic Book Outfit, Batman Comic Book Cape Back Bling, The Dark Knight Movie Outfit, The Dark Knight Movie Cloak Back Bling, the Batman Pickaxe, and the Batwing Glider.

There are also individual Batman-themed items in the Item Shop, including the Catwoman Comic Book Outfit (1,500 V-Bucks), Cat’s Claws Pickaxe (800 V-Bucks), Batglider (1,200 V-Bucks), Whipcrack emote (300 V-Bucks), Bat Signal emote (300 V-Bucks), and Caped Crusader music (200 V-Bucks).

Original Story: It looks like Epic Games will release the Fortnite: Batman Caped Crusader Pack this weekend, presenting the chance for players to dress as the Dark Knight in the globally popular free-to-play battle royale game.

In their weekly press release outlining new and upcoming digital content on the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo of Europe lists that the Batman Caped Crusader Pack will release at 1pm BST (2pm CEST) on Saturday 21st September.

No further details were included in the email beyond that, meaning that we will need to wait until the weekend to learn what gear the Batman Caped Crusader Pack contains and exactly how many V-Bucks players will need to buy it.

This news has emerged after Lucas7yoshi data mined the game to discover the Batman Grapnel Gun that will let you “pull yourself towards a target location and then deploy the Bat Cap,” and the Explosive Batarang that “homes in on players and sticks to walls. Explodes if it detects enemies in proximity.”

The developer has also started to tease the upcoming event through Fortnite’s in-game Challenges, with the limited-time Gothic objectives revealing the ‘Gothic’ Loading Screen’ reward that is part of the DC set – with the tagline “Watch over the city.”

The data mine has uncovered a minimap that suggests that Tilted Towers will be temporarily replaced with the Gotham City Rift Zone, and the Loading Screen is our first glimpse at that.

Fortnite is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

Fortnite Gothic Loading Screen Screenshot

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