Fortnite 4.5.0 Content Update Adds Drum Gun Hybrid Weapon

Fortnite Drum Gun Artwork

Fortnite update version 4.5.0 was released last week, and, several days later, the first content update has arrived which has added the Drum Gun to the Battle Royale mode.

This hybrid weapon could prove to be a popular choice, in that it combines the stopping power of a rifle with the fire rate of an SMG.

It can now be found in-game, in both Uncommon and Rare variants whether that be from floor loot, chests or vending machines.

Fortnite 4.5.0 Content Update Patch Notes

Battle Royale: Weapons + Items

Drum Gun added:

  • The Drum Gun is a hybrid weapon that combines the stopping power of a rifle with the suppressive ability and fire rate of an SMG.
  • Available in Uncommon and Rare variants.
    • 26/27 base damage.
  • 50 round capacity.
  • Uses Medium Ammo.
  • Can be found from floor loot, chests, and Vending Machines.
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